Q: What is the average turnaround time for a project?
A: Depending on the square footage and the amount of detail, plans are normally delivered approximately 7-10 days after measuring.
Q: How are the projects measured?
A: Our team members field measure all projects accurately with a laser measuring device. Then they strictly follow the BOMA standards for measuring and obtaining the usable and/or rentable square footage of a space.
Q: Does WorkSpace Plans, a Ware Malcomb Company design space plans for tenants and or landlords?
A: Yes, we can space plan for any tenant or landlord at a negotiated rate.
Q: If I am putting together a marketing presentation for a current or prospective listing, how would I get the drawings for my project?
A: After you contact us, our team members would field verify and measure the existing project, draw it in AutoCad/Revit and send it to you in a pdf file. Then you can simply copy and paste it into your presentation or print it out.
Q: Is the charge for Industrial, Retail, and Commercial space the same?
A: No, the charge for big box industrial is generally less than office. The office portion of industrial space will be billed as office but the warehouse portion will be less if it's a large building. There are a number of factors that go into pricing, for example, how much build out there is, the size of the space to be measured, accessibility, etc. Please call us for a free quote on any project.
Q: When you measure a commercial space for me, do I own the .dwg file after the work has been done?
A: Yes. Unlike some firms, we send you the .dwg AutoCad/Revit file upon completion of the project. That way, you can have anyone modify it for you in the future.
Q: Why would I use WorkSpace Plans, a Ware Malcomb Company?
A: For a few reasons; 1) We are specialized and focused on “As Builts” floor plans, 2) We have a very quick turn around time, and 3) We are very competitive in our pricing and are very hands-on and responsive to client needs and deadlines. In addition, we now also offer architecture, interior architecture and design, branding and civil engineering services.